Network Analysis

Network Analysis

The SCALABLE engineering team has assisted several military and commercial customers with network analysis, testing, experimentation and cyber threat analysis using both constructive simulations as well as Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) models. SCALABLE engineers have been involved in assessing new networking technologies and changes to existing network architectures using detailed network analysis of their performance under diverse operation conditions. Analysis of networks and network-enabled systems can be used to identify performance hotspots, congestions, or bottlenecks in system operation and efficiency of different approaches to mitigate their impact. Such network analysis may also be used to identify conditions under which a network, tactical data link, or weapons system may be unable to meet the end-end latency, bandwidth, or message completion rates metrics. The network analysis may also help to identify limits (if any) to the scalability of the networks with respect to number of users, geographical distribution, traffic intensity, or number of devices to be supported.

Our teams of experienced network analyzers have years of experience in modeling, simulation, and analysis domains for networks, distributed applications, and network-enabled systems. SCALABLE’s engineers are proficient in studying operational characteristics of diverse network elements that include radios, routers, protocols, waveforms, and tactical data links in a variety of networking contexts that include mobile, wireless, wired, and satellite communication networks. We leverage our network analyzers expertise with physical networks and networking concepts to construct high fidelity simulation models of networks that run faster than real-time.

Depending on the use case, we can also construct LVC models of networks and networked systems to analyze end-end performance of distributed applications as well as operational missions. These simulations provide accurate performance characteristics of the mission-critical networks and the supported operational missions with rapid turnaround and high confidence. The team has decades of experience in implementing models and simulations of networks to provide proof-of-concept of the target network operation and as an aid to network testing. Our goal is to provide engineers and network analyzers access to a laboratory-based testbed of an at-scale network that can be used to replicate operational conditions and mission requirements to enable data collection, reduction and analysis for realistic operational scenarios.

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Commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental organizations around the world all depend on reliable, effective networks to deliver business-critical, mission-critical communications, and information. SCALABLE maintains a highly experienced group of technical professionals to support customers and projects of any scale and solve challenging problems with our advanced network digital twin technology.

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